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Buen Aire Rock-Shelters

Murcia (Spain)

Natural Environment:

The outer areas of the Betica Cordillera. A series of long lines of mountains in a SW-NE direction are the result of the Alpine orogeny and are only distorted by the presence of diapirs and separated by long valleys filled with scree slopes and seasonal water-courses.

There are three main structural units, with Sierra Larga, Sopalmo and Carche in the south. The intermediate unit is formed by Picarcho, Molar and Buey, and the northern unit by the Sierras of Las Cabras, Cingla and Gavilanes. The main valleys are the gullies of Judio and La Raja. The average altitude of the area is 600m above sea level, while the climate and vegetation is semi-arid continental Mediterranean. Mean annual rainfall is about 300 litres and the mean temperatures are between 13 and 18ºC.

Regional Archaeological Context:

Levantine Art in the Iberian Peninsula.

Archaeological evidence at the site:

Levantine and Schematic Art. “Jeronimo Molina” Archaeological Museum in Jumilla.

Short Description:

Buen Aire Rock-Shelter is the most important of the five sites in Jumilla with prehistoric paintings. Some of them, like Canto Blanco, conserve few remains of representations, which are mostly unintelligible.

Another site, Cueva del Peliciego, a short distance from Buen Aire Rock-Shelter, has 14 easily recognisable figures, similar to those at the main shelter.

Most of the representations that have survived until the present time at Jumilla belong to Levantine art, and correspond to societies whose main economic resources must have been hunting. In contrast, Schematic art was produced by sedentary groups whose economy was based on agriculture and animal-herding.


Neolithic – Copper and Bronze Ages

Type of Site: Rock-Shelters
Adress: “Jeronimo Molina” Archaeological Museum, Antiguo Palacio del Concejo, Plaza de Arriba s/n Jumilla 
Telephone: 968 757 379
Fax: 968 783 798
Website: www.jumilla.org
E-mail: arqueologia@jumilla.org

State/Region: Murcia
Province: Murcia
Municipality: Jumilla
Town: Village of La Alquería
Location: Buen Aire Ravine – Sierra de la Peña Rubia


Information ycontacto:

  •  Jumilla's  Tourism Office (Murcia)

Plaza del Rollo, 30520 JUMILLA
Telephone: +34 968 780 237 / Fax: +34 968 780 237


  • Archaeological  museum Jerónimo Molina

Telephone:+34 968780740


Days of opening to the public:
Every day, except  Mondays.

Timetable (All year):
From Tuesday until Saturday from 10:00h to 14:00h and from 17:00h to 20:00h. 
On Sundays and festive from 11:00h to 14:00h

Age Restrictions:

Type of visits:

Booking and access:

  • Jumilla's Tourism office
    Telephone: +34 968 780 237
    E-mail: oficinaturismo@jumilla.org

    Archaeological  museum Jerónimo Molina
    Telephone: 968780740

Maximum number of persons per group:

  • 20-25.


  • Free.

Visitors’ Centre:

“Jeronimo Molina” Archaeological Museum in Jumilla consists of three sections: Archaeology, Natural Sciences and Ethnography, divided between two buildings, with large collections in each section.

Nearby cultural destinations:

In Jumilla: Santiago Church, El Salvador Church, Castle, Old Council Palace, Rico Tower, Wine Museum, Holy Week Museum. 
In the surrounding area: Convent of Santa Ana del Monte (18th century), El Cason (2nd century AD).

Nearby natural destinations:

La Cingla Wine Route (2k m).

Accommodation near the site:

Hotel Monreal ***
C/ Dr. Fleming 6
Tel: 968 781 816
Fax: 968 781 816
Website: www.hotelmonreal.net
E-mail: recepción@hotelmonreal.net

Hotel Pío XII **
C/ Ortega y Gasset 12 
Tel: 968 780 132
Fax: 968 756 182
Website: www.hotelpioxii.com
E-mail: info@hotelpioxii.com

Finca Casa del Olmo Country House **
Paraje de la Raja
Tel: 965 478 027
Fax 965 478 087
Web: www.fincadelolmoresort 
E-mail: info@fincadelolmoresort.com

Hostal Los Badenes **
Carretera N.344, Km. 79
Tel: 968 759 955
Fax: 968 750 980
Website: www.losbadenes.com

Restaurants near the site:

Restaurante Reyes Católicos
Avda. de los Reyes Católicos nº 33, Jumilla
Tel: 968 781 283
Fax: 968 781 283
Website: www.restaurantereyescatolicos.es
E-mail: info@restaurantereyescatolicos.es

Restaurante San Agustín
Avda. de Ntra. Sra. de la Asunción 64, Jumilla
Tel: 968 781 314
Fax: 968 781 314
Website: www.restaurantesanagustin.es

Restaurante Media Luna 
La Alquería nº 3; Road from Jumilla to Yecla (N-344), km. 73
Tel: 968 759 910
Fax: 968 435 094
E-mail: restaurantemedialuna@restaurantemedialuna.com

Restaurante Los Badenes
Carretera N.344, Km. 79
Tel: 968 759 955
Fax: 968 750 980
Website: www.losbadenes.com

Souvenir and Craft shops:

Manualidades Picasso
C/ Martín Guardiola 17 bajo, Jumilla
Tel: 968 781 836
Fax: 968 781 836
E-mail: jumillapicaso@gmail.com 


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