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Natural context:

Gamigaya traceries are situated in southwest hills of Camisholan, Garangush flats in Gapijig peak, 3907 meter from the sea level (in Nakhchivan AR and in the territory of Ordubad district). The main area where the Gamigaya drawings are located is Garangush flat. The illustrations, which are located on gray and black parts of cliffs, are mainly in pink view.

The locations of drawings are topographically very complicated. The on rock illustrations are in-group shape and they are mainly located on the nearby distance of water sources. We can encounter the likely groups in 5-6 places on the northeast part of Dali bulag. But there exist some illustrations, which go beyond the groups.

Archaeological context of the site:

The analysis of Nakhchivan archeological monuments has proved that it is rich with the art works. The researchers during excavations found some colored utensils belonging to Eneolith Age and as well as various animal figures, worshipping things belonging to Kur-Araz culture (Bronze Age).

The likely findings by the researchers in Nakhchivan denote that there have existed a mythological looks among the tribes residing in Nakhchivan. The world outlooks of the tribes residing in Nakhchivan are also clearly reflected in Gamigaya traceries.   

Site History:

The first archeological materials in Nakhchivan were found in 1895 in Gizilburun, when stone box grave monuments were casually destructed. Extending the archeological research works in Nakhchivan makes a testimony to the fact that, it is the old cultural center Nakhchivan’s colored utensils belonging to the Bronze Age and its monuments had also drawn the attention of foreign investigators. The researchers like have been found hundreds of archeological monuments and ancient cultures by result of these researches in Nakhchivan.


Archaeological offer:

Gami-Gaya Rock of Nakhchivan offers more than 1500 punched out and carved rock images, cemetery, necropolis, old settlements, graves, raft stones and plenty of caves and shelters of different periods.

Brief description:

Gamigaya traceries are one of the valuable archeological monuments. A monument, included into the on rock illustration group is situated in unreachable place and this is one of the causes, which harden an investigation of this place. Gamigaya drawings are of syncretism type of cultural monument, which reflects ancient peoples’ religion, ideology, and myth and looks in politics.

Site type: cemetery, necropolis, caves, rock shelters, outcrop, sanctuaries and etc. 

Address: Gemigaya located in 60 km to the south from Ordubad, Nasirvaz village, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic,

Telephone: (+994 50) 483 12 88

Fax: -

Web: gemiqaya.nakhchivan.az 

E-mail: gemiqaya@nakhchivan.az

Region/land: Ordubad region

Province/Department/County: Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

Municipality: Ordubad municipality

Village/town: Nasirvaz village

Place/locus:  - The mountain to the NE between Tivi and Nasirvaz villages, territory of Ordubad. A top of the Zangazur chains watershed


Days open to the public: 

  • Daily June, July and August, from 10 to 17 hours

Age restrictions: 

  • No age restrictions

Disabled access: Yes 

Type of visits: guided or free

Areas visited: Gamigaya Museum, Gamigaya Natural Historical Museum

Length of tours:1.5-2 hours (with local guide)

Maximun number of users per group visit: 15

Ticket prices: free

How to make reservations: by email, call, on place

Brief descripction of Museum or Interpretive center:

  • The open-air museum "Gamigaya" is considered one of the most sacred pantheons of the ancient world. More than 1,500 rock paintings and petroglyphs made by the first generations of people who lived here have been well preserved on Gamigaya, them being cultural traces of Mesolithic to Bronze periods. 






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