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Maltravieso Cave Visitors Centre

Extremadura (Spain)

Natural Environment:

The cave is located in a karst area, in a limestone part of Cáceres, with aquifers and risings that have traditionally been used as wells by the people of Cáceres.

Regional Archaeological Context:

Upper Palaeolithic – Neolithic – Bronze Age.

Archaeological evidence at the site:

Cáceres has a large cultural offer. Apart from the medieval town centre, listed as World Heritage, there is the Provincial Archaeological Museum, Aldea Moret Mining Visitors' Centre, and the Roman ruins at Cáceres el Viejo, also with a Visitors' Centre to complement a view of the site.

Short Description:

The cave has paintings and engravings mostly of Palaeolithic age, together with some Post-Palaeolithic schematic motifs. An outstanding group of 71 stencilled hand-prints are attributed to an early phase of Palaeolithic art. There are also some animal figures, like bovines, ibex and deer, and some symbolic representations (lines of dots, paired finger-marks and triangles).


Upper Palaeolithic – Neolithic.

Type of Site: Cave
Adress: C/ Almendralejo 14, 06800 Mérida
Telephone: 924 007 009 / 927 199 134
Fax: 924 007 110
Website: www.juntaex.es

State/Region: Extremadura
Province: Cáceres
Municipality: Cáceres
Town: Cáceres
Location: Maltravieso Cave


Avda de Cervantes. Cáceres.

+34 927 24 72 34 

+34 927 01 08 77




Opening Times:

  • Access to the cave is restricted to authorised visits.
  • The Visitors' Centre is open all year.


  • From Tuesday until Saturday: 9:00/14:30h
  • Sunday: 9:15/14:30h
  • Monday closed.

Booking and access:

  • Advance booking by telephone to Cáceres Provincial Museum +34 927 01 08 77
  • Duration of guided visits: 20 minutes.


  • Free.

Visitors’ Centre:

  • The Visitors' Centre has displays, models, audiovisual presentations and a full-scale replica of one of the chambers in the cave to introduce visitors to some of the most characteristic aspects of the rock art in Maltravieso Cave.

Nearby cultural destinations:

Cáceres, World Heritage City. Plasencia (70 km). Trujillo (45 km). Mérida (65 km). Badajoz (90 km).

Nearby natural destinations:

Monfrasgüe National Park (70 km).

Accommodation near the site:

There is a large range of hotels and rural accommodation in the city.

Restaurants near the site:

Many restaurants in the city provide national and international cuisine.


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