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Muñopepe open-air sites

Castilla y León (Spain)

Natural Environment:

The foothills of the Sierra de Ávila lie to the north of Muñopepe, parallel to the Amblés Valley. It is an area crossed by numerous intermittent streams draining directly to the River Adaja. The erosion of these streams has caused this edge of the Sierra to be divided into small tongues of land overlooking the Adaja Valley. The sites at Muñopepe are on one of those tongues of land.

Regional Archaeological Context:

Schematic art is one of the least common prehistoric phenomena in the province of Ávila. Only three sites are known: Peña Mingovela in Ojos Albos, Canto de Cuervo and La Atalaya in Muñopepe, and Risco de la Zorrera at the foot of Pico Almanzor on the southern slopes of Sierra de Gredos

Archaeological evidence at the site:

Two large granite blocks with Schematic paintings.

Short Description:

Red Schematic anthropomorphs are located in two groups: La Atalaya and Peña del Cuervo.


Chalcolithic / Bronze Age.

Type of Site: Rock outcrops

State/Region: Castilla y León
Province: Ávila
Municipality: Muñopepe
Town: Muñopepe
Location: Peña del Cuervo and La Atalaya

Near the urban area, in the place called cave of the Cat, we can find  paintings caves of schematic type, (dated among 5000 and 2000 B.C.). They represent rituals of the first agrarian communities located in the  Amblés Valley.
In those rituals they should have had some special transcendency the enormous rocks emphasized in the landscape as those who use as support of the paintings.

http: // www.turismoavila.com/es/munyopepe.html
http: // www.munopepe.es/municipio/

Open days:
All the year round.

Age restriction:

Nearby cultural destinations:

Ávila (13.5 km). 
La Mesa de Miranda Hill-fort and Archaeological Centre at Chamartín (20 km). 
Ulaca Hill-fort at Solosancho (14 km).

Nearby natural destinations:

Sierra de Gredos. 
Tiétar Valley. 
Iruelas Valley.

Accommodation and Restaurants near the site:

See: www.turismocastillayleon.com www.diputacionavila.es


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