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Prehistoric Park of Teverga

Asturias (Spain)

Natural Environment:

Teverga Valley, in the central sector of the Asturian Mountains. At the foot of the mountain passes of La Ventana and San Lorenzo.

Regional Archaeological Context:

Caves with Palaeolithic Art in south-west Europe.

Site History:

The project of a Tourist-Cultural complex in Teverga based on Prehistory was developed as part of the policy for the development of former mining areas in Asturias. The aim was to establish a tourist and cultural destination whose importance at a European level would be a driving-force for the economic development of the area, and of high added value for the tertiary sector in the Asturian economy. It has a high symbolic component, and high category and profound identity, to become a regional, national and even international reference point in a field that attracts increasing interest in Europe. It was opened in March 2007.

Archaeological evidence at the site:

Teverga Prehistoric Park is an original new project in Europe. It is fully equipped to provide full information about the art of the Upper Palaeolithic in Europe. A large sample of this art is on display in the form of replicas of important examples of rock art and reproductions of portable art objects. Among other sites represented, there are such important European Palaeolithic caves as Altamira, Covalanas, Lascaux, Niaux, Chauvet, Tito Bustillo, Candamo, Covaciella and Llonin. Many of these caves are closed to the public.

The Park is a look at another era, a place to learn about the past and to understand the evolution of humankind and the origin of art.

Short Description:

The Gallery invites us to travel into the past together with Palaeolithic hunters to learn about their art, the motifs it represents, and the techniques they used. This is integrated in an original location, a primitive cave, with faithful replicas of cave paintings, ritual objects and prehistoric implements. It is a modern visitors’ centre where the theoretical content was designed by an international scientific committee. Texts, drawings, maps, photographs, audiovisual presentations, models and replicas explain different aspects of this ancient art in great detail.

The Cave of Caves is an area to discover, in semi-darkness, the magic of Palaeolithic paintings, in natural surroundings and with the same atmosphere as that of the original paintings and engravings. It is an underground area that faithfully recreates the emotional feel of a cave interior. 
It exhibits full scale replicas of three of the most important cave art ensembles in Europe:

  • The Hall of the Polychromes in Tito Bustillo Cave (Asturias)
  • Panel 4 in the Black Room in Niaux Cave (France)
  • The Small Chamber in Candamo Cave (Asturias)


Upper Palaeolithic.

Type of Site: Visitors’ Centre about Prehistory and Rock Art.
Address: San Salvador de Alesga s/n, 33111 Teverga, Asturias.
Telephone: 985 764 739
Fax: 985 764 740
Website: www.parquedelaprehistoria.es / www.atraccionmilenaria.com / www.recrea.asturias.es 
E-mail: parquedelaprehistoria@recrea.asturias.es

State/Region: Asturias
Province/Department: Asturias
Municipality: Teverga
Town: San Salvador de Alesga
Location: Prehistoric Park


  • Teverga. Asturias.
  • 33111 San Salvador de Alesga, s/n. Teverga, Principado de Asturias
    902 306 600 / 985 764 739
  • Email: info@parquedelaprehistoria.es

Opening Times:

From the February 1st until June 30th and September 1st until December 31th 2017:

  • From Wenesday to Friday,  10:00 to 14:30 ; 15:30 to 18:00 h.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Holiday in February, November, December; from December 6th to 10th and December 23th to 30th: 10:30 to 14:30 and 15:30 to 18:00h.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from March to June and September, October; from April 8th to 16th and May 1st: 10:30 to 14:30 and 16:00 to 19:00 h.
  • Monday and Tuesday closed, except April 10th, 11th  and May 1st.
  • Closed:  January and December 24th, 25th and 31 th
  • From July 1st until August 31th 2017:

  • Every day from 10:30 to 20:00 h.


  • General: 6.12 €
  • Reduced: 3.57 €
    • (Groups of over 20 visitors, Children (4-11 years), Large families, Disabled, over 65s)
    • Free for children 0-3 years.
  • Park and educational workshops:
    • General: 7.72 €
    • Reduced: 5.17 €
  • Educational workshops: 1.60 €
  • Booking:
  • 902 306 600 / 985 764 739
  • Email: info@parquedelaprehistoria.es

Visitors’ Centre:

The Park has three modern buildings that are fully integrated in the surrounding scenery. They form three different areas: the reception area, the Gallery and the Cave of Caves. The last two are in different buildings but share the same theme: the Upper Palaeolithic and its art.

Nearby cultural destinations

Fresnedo rock-shelters (Schematic rock art). Medieval and baroque churches in the region. Palace of the Counts of Agüera (17th century). Alesga Medieval Castle. Barns, mills and other ethnographic points of interest in the Teverga valley. 
For further information, see: www.infoteverga.com

Nearby natural destinations

Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Natural Park. Somiedo Natural Park. Protected Area of Peña Ubiña.

Accommodation and Restaurants near the site

An original building holds the complementary services on offer in the Park:

  • Information point and Reception
  • The Park Shop
  • Room for educational workshops
  • Prehistoric Café: Open at Easter, April 18 – May 1 and in the High Season: July 1 – August 31.

For further information about accommodation and restaurants in the area, see www.infoteverga.com


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