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Rock-Shelters of Villar del Humo

Castilla - La Mancha (Spain)

Natural Environment:

Mountains of Cuenca. Landscape of high sandstone cliffs covered by Mediterranean woodland with pines and low holm oaks.

Regional Archaeological Context:

Levantine and Schematic rock art.

Site History:

The sites were discovered in the 20th century. They were prepared to receive visitors in 1995 without any maintenance measures. Since 2001, a research team is developing a programme in the area, and investments are planned.

Archaeological evidence at the site:

Levantine and Schematic paintings. A transhumance route. Barrachina Tower. Ethnographic heritage (resin-tapper culture)

Short Description:

A group of 29 rock-shelters in the municipality of Villar del Humo (plus another 11 sites dispersed in neighbouring municipalities). They are characterised by their very diverse styles. Together with classic Levantine and Schematic sites, there are hybrid forms and figures that are particularly difficult to include in either of the rock art cycles. The high quality of the naturalistic animal figures and the acceptable state of conservation, together with the scenic beauty of the area, make this group of sites one of the best places to see rock art of the Neolithic and the Copper and Bronze Ages.


Approximately between 8000 and 3500 years ago.

State/Region: Castilla-La Mancha
Province: Cuenca
Municipality: Villar del Humo
Town: Villar del Humo
Location: Sierra de las Cuerdas

Rock shelter of Villar del Humo (Cuenca) Levantine and schematic Art. The access is for a forest track that crosses approximately 8 km and lead to different shelters with a

different degrees of difficulty. In the Town hall of Villar del Humo the keys must be requested to cross different closings of protection.

Information and contact: 
Town hall of Villar del Humo
Plaza of the Constitution, 1
Telephone:+34  969 35 80 01
http: // www.kelatza.com

Age restriction:
It depends on the shelter that wants to be visited.

Daily quota:


Opening Times:

  • There are not organised visits, but a normal visit usually takes a minimum of 3 and a half hours.

Visitors’ Centre:

  • Interpretation Center " Sierra de las Cuerdas ". Recently inaugurated. Destined to the contextualization of the rock art of the area,  to hunters - gathered culture and the first  Prehistory peasants.
  • To consult schedules and days of opening in the Town hall of Village of the Smoke.

Nearby cultural destinations:

Fortified town of Cañete. Medieval town of Moya. Churches of Virgen de Texeda in Garaballa. Burial-mounds and Iron Age hillfort in Pajaroncillo.

Nearby natural destinations:

Rodenal del Cabriel (Natural Monument in the process of being listed, in Villar del Humo, Boniches, Cañete and Pajaroncillo). Lakes of Cañada del Hoyo. Torcas de los Palancares.

Accommodation near the site:

In Villar del Humo (1 country house), Cañete (with about 200 beds), Landete, Garaballa and Cardenete

Restaurants near the site:

In Cañete, Landete, Garaballa, Cardenete.


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