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Tipo de sitio:
Cave - hermitages

Lugar de localización: Cuevas del Ajedrezado
Localidad: Santa Eulalia Somera
Municipio: Arnedillo (La Rioja)
Región: La Rioja
País: España
Página Web: http://www.arnedillo.org/Cuevas-del-Ajedrezado.8734.0.html https://lariojaturismo.com/lugar-de-interes/cueva-del-ajedrezado/f476257e-f81d-7f75-75a1-10cae00d46ba

Entorno Natural:

Arnedillo is a municipality in the Alto Valle del Río Cidacos (declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2003). It is located at 651 meters above sea level and has an area of 48 square kilometers. Surrounded by mountains, the area is known for its thermal waters. The Cidacos Green Route, a 34-kilometre natural walk between Arnedo and Arnedillo takes advantage of the route of a former railway, is spectacular due to the colour and landscape that we see along it, the vegetation of poplars, willows and ash trees. Following this route we will find ourselves surrounded by reddish rocky cliffs that keep cellars hidden in the wall and at the top, we see numerous pairs of vultures.

Evidencias arqueológicas del sitio:

The Cidacos Valley preserves some human occupations from the last moments of the Lower Palaeolithic and Middle Palaeolithic. Nevertheless, the best prehistoric remains of the first occupations have been dated to the Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze Age periods, with many open-air settlements and the first uses of rock shelters and small caves built in the wide rocky foothills along the river. Very interesting is the Roman period and the first centuries of the Middle Ages (Visigothic period) in the area, when wine production was increased and this area became an important and rich territory that was first brought under control by the Islamic people and then by the older Christian kingdoms of Navarre, Castile and Aragon (who fought for centuries for control of this zone). It was in this context that the Cave of the Hundred Pillars was developed.

Horarios de apertura:

VISITS (from July 24th to August 30th): Fridays and Sundays, from 11:00 to 14:00 h. / Small groups and passes every half hour. Guided tour upon reservation and availability for groups.

Acceso y reservas:

Tourism Office of Arnedillo: Telf. (+34) 941 394 226 / E-mail: arnedillo@lariojaturismo.com

Destinos culturales cercanos:

The municipality of Arnedillo has an important religious heritage, such as the medieval chapels of San Tirso, Peñalba and Virgen de la Torre as well as several churches and chapels of the Baroque. The Castle of Los Lomberas (13th Century) is another point of interest. http://www.arnedillo.org/Patrimonio-Cultural.3379.0.html

Destinos naturales cercanos:

Rebollar de Cabimonteros de Sierra La Hez. Interpretation Centre and Viewpoint for the observation of Griffon vulture. Interpretation Centre of the Alto Valle del Cidacos.

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