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El Pindal Cave

Asturias (Spain)

Natural Environment:

Coastal limestone terrain in eastern Asturias Eastern end of San Emeterio Headland. East Coast Protected Area.

Regional Archaeological Context:

Caves with Palaeolithic art in the valleys of the Rivers Cares and Deva.

Site History:

The rock art in the cave was discovered by Hermilio Alcalde del Río in 1908.

Archaeological evidence at the site:

Cave with Palaeolithic rock art

Short Description:

Figures of animals and signs, painted in red, belonging to the Solutrean and Magdalenian periods.


Solutrean and Magdalenian.

Type of Site: Cave
Address: Apartado de correos 29, 33590 Ribadedeva, Asturias.
Telephone: 608 175 284
Website: www.asturias.es

State/Region: Asturias
Province/Department: Asturias
Municipality: Ribadedeva
Town: Piminago
Location: San Emeterio Headland

Opening Times:

  • Open Wednesday to Sunday,


Essential telephone reservation prior to visiting the cave.

Age restriction:

  • Access for children over the age of 7.

Daily quota of visitors:

  • Maximum of 200 visitors per day.


  • Price: Adults 1.50 euros; Children (7-12) and over 65 years of age: 0.70 euros. 

How to make reservations:

ONLY BY PHONE. Calling at +34 608175284. From Wenesday to Sunday. From 15h to 17h.

Visitors’ Centre:

  • A two-storey wood and stone building has an exhibition about the cave and Prehistory in general, with Palaeolithic art as its main theme. The centre provides a range of services for visitors.

Nearby cultural destinations

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Nearby natural destinations

East Coast Protected Area. Sierra del Cuera Protected Area. 
Natural Monuments: Bufón de Santiuste and Cobijeru Complex.

Accommodation near the site

La Casuca de Pimiango, El Robledo, Villa Manola, La Solana, Junco, Oyambre, Tras la Fragua.

Restaurants near the site

El Puerto, Casona de Pimiango, Casa Junco, La Barata, Pico Jana.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO World Heritage Site


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