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If your institution is related with Rock Art destinations open to the public (archaeological sites, museums, interpretation centres, archaeological parks, etc.) and your consider the possibility to take part in the Cultural Route of Rock Art of the Council of Europe trails , as full member, the process you have to know and fill is the following:

Adhesion step 1


Study the statutes and the information about Prehistoric Rock Art Trails Cultural Route, in order to take the decision. You can choose the adhesion of your organization only, or the adhesion of your organization and the Rock Art site(s) / destination(s) registering them as PRAT-CARP Rock Art destination (please, note that we can only register Rock Art sites open to the public visit). Ask for more information in


Adhesion step 2


Consider that there are two different fees :
a. There is a single established adhesion fee to all the organizations: EUR 1,000.00 for each new partner.
b. There is an annual fee for all the full members. The amount of the annual fee depends of the number of Rock Art sites/destinations that each partner has registered in the Cultural Route PRAT- CARP :
• Basic fee (without registered RA destinations): EUR 450.00
• 1 registered RA destination: EUR 650.00
• 2-4 registered RA destinations: EUR 1,100.00
• 5-9 registered RA destinations: EUR 2,150.00
• 10 or more registered RA destinations: EUR 2,500.00

Adhesion Step 3


Sent to our Management Unit ( a formal letter (model 1), including an adhesion agreement from the direction body of your institution (model 2) and the Bank justification of the adhesion fee payment.

Adhesion Step 4


If you want to register your RA sites/destinations, you should fill the official Technical Sheet (model 3), one sheet for each site/destination). One site/destination can be composed by several rock-shelters / rocky outcrops if they are in the same cultural landscape and have joint management. For example, the petroglyphs of Campo Lameiro are part of the a single PRAT-CARP destination, because of they are included in an Archaeological Park, having a joint management.

Adhesion Step 5


Attend to the next General Assembly, to complete the official adhesion and to receive the full member credentials. From this moment, the representative of your institution will be a full member of the General Assembly and your institution will be take part in all the projects and activities and put the official identification of Council of Europe Cultural Route PRAT-CARP in its documentation and RA sites/destinations.

Technical sheet

Ahesion ageement

Letter asking for adhesion