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The objectives of Prehistoric Rock Art Trails Cultural Route are:

  • To promote the study, conservation and dissemination of the first art in Europe: Prehistoric Art.
  • To consolidate the Prehistoric Rock Art of Europe as a high-quality destination in cultural tourism.
  • To foster improvements in the quality of the visitable Rock Art destinations, through the continual training of management, guides, wardens and monitors, and by upgrading the facilities.
  • To encourage a common European policy committed to the protection and conservation of this fragile artistic and archaeological expression, as well as its natural and cultural setting.
  • To make society aware of the value and interest of Rock Art.
  • To support the responsible management of Rock Art resources through the exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences.
  • To promote the development of rural areas through the dissemination of a high-quality rural tourism product: Rock Art.
  • To stimulate initiatives involving sustainable development strategies in Rock Art tourism.
  • To strengthen the foundations of the common cultural identity of Europe.