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    43.283176, -4.445100

Type of site:

Place of location: La Palombera Reservoir
Village/Town: Riclones
Municipality: Rionansa (Cantabria)
State: Spain
Telephone: (+34) 942 598 425

Natural Environment:

The cave is at the confluence of the Rivers Nansa and Lamasón, on the banks of the La Palombera Reservoir, in an area of great beauty. To the south, Peña Sagra, with its evidence of Ice Age glaciers, is the source of the tributaries to the River Nansa. Thick woodland surrounds the reservoir.

Archaeological evidences in the site:

The rock art in Chufin Cave is similar to that of other sites in northern Spain. The exterior engravings are like those at Hornos de la Peña, La Luz and sites in the Nalón Valley (Asturias), such as Torneiros, La Viña and La Lluera. The more unusual interior can be compared with sites such as Altamira, Llonín and La Pasiega.

Opening Times:

Eater week: Open. High Season: From 14th June to 17th September. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Except Monday 15th August. Rest of the Year: CLOSED

Booking and access: Telephone: +34 942 598 425

Nearby cultural destinations:

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Nearby natural destinations:

El Soplao Cave. Sierra de Peña Sagra. San Vicente de la Barquera salt-marsh. Oyambre Natural Park.

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