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    43.255620, -3.458486

Type of site:

Place of location: Barrio de Anciruela
Village/Town: Ramales de la Victoria
Municipality: Ramales de la Victoria (Cantabria)
Region: Cantabria
State: Spain
Telephone: +34 942 598 425

Natural Environment:

The cave is located at the foot of Monte Pando, in an area of meadows and limestone crags covered with holm oaks. It is close to the centre of Ramales.

Archaeological evidences in the site:

The rock art in Cullalvera can be associated with the art in Covalanas Cave and Carranza Gorge, as far as the exterior art is concerned (dotted horse’s head and signs) and with Middle Magdalena sites such as Cueva Urdiales, El Castillo, Altamira and El Pindal, as far as the interior art is concerned (red claviforms, horses in black).

Opening Times:

Closed on January 1st and 6th, December 24th, 25th, and 31st. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. High season: From 14th June to 17th September: Closed on Mondays.

Booking and access: Telephone: +34 942 598 425

Nearby cultural destinations:

Covalanas Cave in Ramales. Palaeolithic Park at Cueva del Valle and Stonemason Museum in Rasines. Typical Cantabrian villages in the Valleys of Soba and Ruesga. Kobenkoba, a Visitors’ Centre about European Palaeolithic art, in Lanestosa. Pozalagua Cave in Karrantza.

Nearby natural destinations:

Rising and valley of the River Asón (Soba). Peña Ranero and Picón del Carlista (Ramales). Santoña Salt-marsh (Santoña).

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